Mother told me a couple years ago: "Sweetheart, settle down and marry a rich man". I said: "Mom, I am a rich man". - CHER-

Mit dieser legendären Aussage beginnt die Geschichte von uns

We love this irony and lightness, but also the steadfast values in this statement, because we are of the opinion: We women stand for ourselves and can be whoever we want! 🖤

We, Vivien Wysocki and Larissa Schmid, are the two founders of saint sass, and we're almost never seen without tights during the colder months (let's be honest... really never). Then last year we had the idea: Why not make a statement with tights? And thus bring a breath of fresh air into the dusty and male-dominated pantyhose industry. But more importantly, making a statement for female independence together.

So we spent months developing the perfect tights that are not only stylish, but also particularly durable and comfortable. Made in Germany.

It is precisely with these statement tights that saint sass has become known.
We live according to the motto:
Don't just show style, but make a statement!
Vivien & Larissa

what we stand for

Every woman deserves to go through life self-determined! Courage, independence and freedom are essential values for saint sass and everything we do. We think: Every woman should lead the life she wants to lead!

Life should be fun! We are convinced that life is only half as nice without self-mockery and humor. It is therefore important to us that we appear positive and life-affirming - internally in the team and externally.

saint sass stands for a supportive philosophy: As a team we help each other in all matters, we mediate between other founders and stand for fair competition: with each other instead of against each other. We regularly exchange insights with other startups. Because we are all in the same boat!

We want to bring a breath of fresh air into the industry with urban fashion tights in order to offer women not only quality, but also a young, fresh and cool IT piece.

All of our products are produced and controlled with the utmost care. We stand for premium quality and have our tights made in Germany and Italy.

Viviens & Larissas